Fresh mint and watermelon water

Fresh mint and watermelon water


Watermelon detox water - RainfreshmentDo you struggle to sip enough water throughout the day? Or, are you planning a dinner party and want to surprise your guests with a delicious, nourishing drink? Look no further.

The key ingredient, watermelon, has been shown to reduce inflammation, aid in digestion, lower blood pressure, and nourish your skin and hair. The other main ingredient, cucumber, contains most of the vitamins that you need on a daily basis.

Cucumbers have also been shown to prevent cancers, aid bad breath, and help stimulate the metabolism. Mint, a natural stimulant, clears congestion, helps your body digest, and can reduce feelings of depression and fatigue. Finally, limes are anti-carcinogenic, high in calcium and folate, and have been shown to prevent kidney stone formation.

What you’ll need:

  • Sliced chunks of watermelon
  • 2 inches of cucumber, cubed
  • 2 slices of lime
  • Pure water
  • Fresh mint
  • Ice cubes

Stir all of the ingredients into a jug and set them in the fridge to marinate. Strain and pour into your glass, or leave the chunks of fruit and herbs in there to enjoy later!