Water Filtration Systems for Home

whole house sediment filter
Whole House Sediment Filters

Sediment Water Filters and housings

UV (Ultraviolet) Water Disinfection Systems

Whole house UV systems for water disinfection

Water softeners and conditioners
Softeners, Iron Filters & Backwashable Systems

Softeners, Iron & Greensand Filters & other conditioners

Drinking Water Systems

Systems installed undersink or inline, for excellent drinking water

Filter Cartridges

For Rainfresh and other systems

Fridge Filters

To fit in place of Maytag, Whirlpool, GE, Samsung, LG & other OEM fridge filters

Shower Filter Faucet Filter Canada
Shower Filters / Faucet Filters

Install on shower head / kitchen faucet

Buy Rainfresh parts
Parts and Accessories

UV lamps & parts, connector kits, seals, brackets, etc

Drinking Water Faucets

Standard or designer ceramic disc faucets. Multiple finishes

SS Gravity Water Filter

Portable filter for emergency preparedness, camping and disaster-relief

Water Test Kit
Water Testing Kits


DIY kits to check your water for Coliform, E. coli, lead, pesticides and nitrates

Free water test Canada
Get a Free Water Test

Send in your water sample to Rainfresh and get a free water analysis

Learn Water Treatment

Learn about the basics of water treatment