Rainfresh filters help Cyclone Pam victims in Vanuatu

Global Medic's Twitter - Picture of Rainfresh Water Purification Units in Vanatua

27 Apr Rainfresh filters help Cyclone Pam victims in Vanuatu

GlobalMedic staff distribute Rainfresh water purification units in Vanuatu. Picture from GlobalMedic’s Twitter page.

Vanuatu, a small island country between Fiji and Australia, was hit with a disastrous tropical cyclone on March 13th. The storm devastated the country. In fact, reports say that virtually every building that was not concrete was flattened by the storm. As a result, over 150,000 people were left without basic necessities: shelter, food and water. To help provide aide to these storm survivors, we partnered with GlobalMedic to send 500 Rainfresh water purification units and personal hygiene kits to Vanuatu.


Here is a video created by GlobalMedic describing this particular disaster relief initiative: