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Hard Water - Rainfresh Water Softener
Could you have a “hard water” problem?

Dull, cloudy glassware. Clogged shower heads. Tub and sink stains. Dry, itchy skin. Brittle hair. Stiff laundry. Poor appliance performance. Soap that just won't lather. You've tried cleaning products, detergents, moisturizers and conditioners - but nothing seems to help.   Sound familiar? You probably have [ninja-popup ID=16505]hard...

Rainfresh Disaster Relief Water Treatment in Lebanon
Rainfresh sends 20,000 gravity water filters to Syrian refugees in Lebanon

More than 12 million people have fled from Syria's violence, and over 1 million of those refugees have found temporary shelter in Lebanon. Most of them struggle to cover their basic needs: food, shelter and safe water. Living in small, overpopulated shacks and chicken coops, Syrian refugees...

Chlorine and THMs in drinking water
The facts about chlorine & THMs in your water

Most municipally treated water supplies in Canada use [ninja-popup ID=12585]chlorine[/ninja-popup] for water disinfection. [ninja-popup ID=12585]Chlorine[/ninja-popup] is a popular additive for several reasons. Firstly, it is effective at killing and reducing the growth of many microbes including bacteria, viruses and [ninja-popup ID=12589]cysts[/ninja-popup]. It also stays in...