Drinking Water Systems

cottage water filter
For city or rural homes and cottages
Reverse Osmosis System
For city or rural home
undersink chlorine removal filter FC200
Models that attach to existing kitchen faucet
water filter for well water UCS2
For city or rural homes and cottages
Rainfresh TWIST home water filter system Canada
For homes in the city
undersink water filtration system
For city or rural homes and cottages
undersink chloramine removal filter
For homes in cities where water has chloramines
  • Rainfresh drinking water systems provide pure, clean, fresh drinking water for your family
  • Fresh, safe and great tasting water for drinking, washing vegetables & fruits, coffee, tea, juices etc.
  • Installed under the kitchen sink
  • Inline systems attach to the cold water pipe of the existing kitchen faucet. All other drinking water systems include a chrome faucet
Product TypeDrinking Water Systems
Product NameDWS 1DWS 2DWS 3Reverse OsmosisTWIST DUALTWIST
For use with municipally treated water
For use with well, lake or river water
Includes Filtered Water Chrome Faucet
Type of Filtration (See text box)CM + ACBCM + ACBCM + ACBROACBACB
Bacteria (e.g. E. coli)
Chemicals Some^

Types of Filtration

ACB – Activated Carbon Block CM – Ceramic Filtration      RO – Reverse  Osmosis

Many municipalities across North America treat water by a process called “Chloramination”. It involves disinfecting water by chloramines , which are formed when ammonia is used in addition to chlorine . Chloramines reduce the formation of potentially cancer-causing Trihalomethanes (THMs ), but Health Canada states that there is potential for formation of other potentially dangerous by-products such as haloketones, chloropicrin, haloacetic acids etc, whose health effects are still under study.

Among the known effects of chloramines are bad tastes and odours in drinking water & beverages made from such water. In addition, chloramines can cause skin irritation, are corrosive by nature, and are toxic to fish.
It is estimated that 1/3rd of all Canadians now drink water that has been treated by Chloramines . Major urban populations in Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Greater Victoria, Dauphin, St John’s, Toronto & surrounding areas, Saskatoon and many more are now on chloraminated water.
Boiling water or allowing water to sit at room temperature does not remove chloramines from drinking water. Most undersink activated carbon based filters or reverse osmosis systems are also ineffective in removing chloramines .

Rainfresh QCA and CA1 filter cartridges are specially formulated and are tested and certified for chloramine reduction. Rainfresh Whole House Chloramines reduction system reduces chloramines from all the water in the home.